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Investor Relations

We can also support our clients with investor relations in the post issuance phase. On pillar of this support offering is akin to the supporting traditional investor relations, ie we and/or our associates can advise you how to best engage investors, and how to best structure communication using all available channels, including social, influencer, broadcast, print, and direct communication. In this case we will work both on the messaging and we can advise how the communication must be structured and executed in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The second pillar of our offering in this space is more on the technical side: the mechanics of investor contact, including payments, communication, and voting, is different in the token space than it is in the world of traditional finance, because tokens are smart objects that support many of those features natively. For clients who go through the motions in this area for the first time the process can be a bit intimidating, not because it is difficult, but simply because it is new, and because mistakes should really be avoided. In this case we can support our clients through this process -- say, pay a dividend, or distribute a report, or organise an investor vote -- until they have the experience of doing it themselves.

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