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Technological Design

Once the token structure has been fixed the technical token design phase begins where those structural requirements are transcribed into a smart contract. The transcription process consist of two steps, the definition of the API, and then the implementation of the actual smart contract code.

To the extent that this is possible for the targeted structure we are using library API components and library implementation components to assemble the token smart contract, otherwise we do some development work, either in-house or with the help of our associates. At this stage we also analyse and decide about the technology stack and target chain where the tokens are to be deployed because in particular the implementation libraries are chain-specific and might have to be ported to the relevant technology stack.

Once the smart contract is complete we deploy the code on a private or public test net and have it undergo an extensive standardised testing procedure and possibly a code review by an independent third party.


At the same time -- if so desired -- we or one of our associates work with our clients to either develop a standalone app or web app that can hook into the web3 APIs exposed by the smart contract, or we assist our clients to integrate the token interaction with their existing systems. Again, to the extent that this is possible we rely on our libraries to complete this task quickly and efficiently. 

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